Deeper Roots: Muslims in the Americas and the Caribbean from Before Columbus to the Present by Abdullah Hakim Quick

Deeper Roots: Muslims in the Americas and the Caribbean from Before Columbus to the Present

Deeper Roots by Abdullah Hakim Quick is a short and brief introduction to the history of Muslims in the Americas before Columbus. 

The author starts the book and gives the readers a quick overview of the indigenous people who resided in the northern, western, and eastern regions of North America. Then, he talks about the early Muslim explorers from West Africa, who came to these regions before Columbus and their influence on the indigenous peoples. After that, he discusses the period of slavery and cultural genocide which resulted by the arrival of Spanish and Portuguese colonization. And finally, he looks into Islam and the African in North America and also talks about the early movements of Islam and their activities In that region. [Which was my favorite part of the book.]

In conclusion, he says: 

Islam arrived in America long before the founding of the thirteen colonies, but Muslims have never played a recognizable part in the development of its society. African Americas are attracted to Islam and have one of the highest acceptance (reversion) rates in the world. The Muslim community has yet to present to the American public a form of Islam that is not only reflective of the original teachings of freedom, equality and the emancipation of the poor and the oppressed, but also relevant to the present social, economic and political turmoil of the American people. African American Sunni Muslims have the onerous task of trying to understand Islam from its authentic sources with little genuine help from “Eastern Muslims” and establishing a viable alternative for their families and neighbours in the African American diaspora.

The real challenge is to be “Mecca-centric” yet in touch with the African world, to be an authentic Muslim yet still in touch with African American spirituality, to be a moral person yet still in touch with the pulse of the African American youth, and to develop Islam in America without getting lost in the crises Muslim world. The twenty first century should be quite challenging to this growing yet largely invisible society.

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