If Allah Does Not Need Us, So Why Did He Create Us?

If Allah Does Not Need Us, So Why Did He Create Us?

It is a given that Allah does not need us so why did He create us?  

The very notion that need corresponds to futility is absurd. Need corresponds to wisdom; not to futility.  The wealthy and famous physician might choose to treat people without needing anything from them, he treats them only for their own good and we can never describe his action as futile!  The wisdom and the higher purpose beyond it do not revolve in a viscous circle of need-and-futility. 

A swimmer might rescue a child out of mercy and then he leaves him and goes without waiting for any word of thanks or gratitude.  We can never describe this as futile because it can only be described as magnanimity and superior manners.  Hence, there is no concurrence between need and futility[1].  

We have this Divine narration in the book of Sahih Muslim: “O my servants, were the first of you and the last of you, the human of you and the jinn of you, to become as pious as the most pious heart of anyone of you, that would not increase My kingdom in anything.  If they were to rise up in one place and make a request of me, and were I to give everyone what he requested, that would not decrease what I have any more than a needle would decrease the sea when you dip it in it.”  

So, Allah has no need for all the worlds and whatever effort we exert, whatever work we do or whatever goals we pursue; we are the only ones who benefit.  Allah says what means, “And whoever strives, strives only for himself.  Allah is independent of all His creation.” (Qur’an 29:6). 

If the patient is ignorant of the doctor’s wisdom this does not mean that the doctor’s decisions are purposeless.  Also, acknowledging the wisdom does not necessitate comprehending its full scope; understanding part of it suffices.  It is enough to know that we are assigned with certain responsibilities, and enough to know what these responsibilities are and that there is a wisdom beyond all this.  Otherwise, we will be like those who denied that which they do not comprehend, “Indeed, they are denying something which they cannot comprehend; the reality not yet having dawned on them…” (Qur’an 10:39).  

Hence, Allah is wise and He created us for a wisdom! 

[Renounce your Atheism by Dr Haitham Talaat, p.9]


[1] The phenomenon of criticizing religion in the modern philosophy, by Dr. Sultan Al-Emeiry, PHD thesis. 

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