The Story of Yusuf by Shaykh Dr Sajid Umar

The Story of Yusuf by Shaykh Dr Sajid Umar

The story of Yusuf (AS) is the most beautiful of stories in the Qur’an: a story of trials and tribulations, patience and faith, ease after hardship, and much more.

This book, written by Sheikh Dr. Sajid Umar and published by Quillspire, is a thought-provoking analysis of the life of Yusuf (AS). It engages its readers through the eternal wisdom and lessons from his life.

The universal relevance of these lessons has been practically demonstrated through the unique structural approach of this book. The verses of Surah Yusuf have been beautifully broken down to derive transformative wisdom, which forces the reader to reflect upon the message.

A complementary feature of this book is the “Did you know” section, which increases the reader’s general knowledge about Islam.

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