Eight Lessons For A Meaningful Life

Eight Lessons For A Meaningful Life

It has been narrated that Shaqīq al-Balkhī told al-Hātim: ‘You have accompanied me for a while now. What have you learned?’ Al-Hātim said: “Eight things:

The first: I looked at the creation and found that everyone has a beloved. When they go to their graves, they depart their beloved, so I made my good deeds my beloved so that they could be with me in my grave.

The second: I looked at the words of Allah:

“And prevented the soul from [unlawfull] inclination.” [Qur’an 79:40]

and strove to repel this lowly inclination till it became settled in obedience to Allah.

The third: I saw that everyone who owns something that he holds valuable tries to protect it. Then I looked at the words of Allah:

“Whatever you have will end, but what God has is ever lasting.” [Qur’an 16:96]

so every time I owned something of value, I directed it to Him so that it may remain mine with Him.

The fourth: I saw that people refer to money, nobility, and honour, which are all nothing. Then I looked at the words of Allah:

“Indeed, the noblest of you in the sight of God is the most righteous.” [Qur’an 49:13]

and worked deeds of righteousness in order to be noble before Him.

The fifth: I saw that people are jealous of each other. Then, I looked at the words of Allah:

“We who have apportioned among them their livelihood.” [Qur’an 43:32]

I left jealousy.

The sixth: I saw them having enmity towards each other. Then I looked at the words of Allah:

“Indeed, Satan is an enemy to you; so take him as an enemy.” [Qur’an 35:6]

and stopped having enmity towards them and made Satan my only enemy.

The seventh: I saw that they humiliate themselves in their quest for provisions. Then I looked at the words of Allah:

“And there is no creature on earth but that upon God is its provision.” [Qur’an 11:6]

and focused on His rights upon me and left my property to Him.

The eighth: I saw that they rely on their businesses, manufacture, and bodily health, so I relied on Allah.’

[The Inner Secrets Of Worship by Ibn Qudamah al-Maqdisi, p.36-38]

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