Hinduism and Islam: A Comparative Study by Murtahin Billah Fazlie

Hinduism and Islam: A Comparative Study by Murtahin Billah Fazlie

We are living in an age in which we are witnessing a steep rise in Hindu chauvinism. Daily uprisings and mob violence are commonplace in certain parts of India. 

Those who venerate a myriad of idols, sexual organs and animals are unable to distinguish truth from falsehood, their minds are sunk into the cesspool of ignorance, unable to see anything beyond the cow. 

Allah describes their hatred: 

“Verily, you will find the strongest among men in enmity to the believers (Muslims) the Jews and those who are polytheists…” [Qur’an 5:82]

So, what can we do as Muslims on this paganistic onslaught on Indian Muslims? 

The least we can do on this subject is to educate ourselves on Hinduism and produce robust arguments against it, which is extremely easy to do, since Hindu scriptures are repleted with verses which any rational mind refuses to accept. 

Let your starting point be this book, Hinduism and Islam: A Comparative Study by Murtahin Billah Fazlie. 

“Hinduism and Islam: A Comparative Study, an outcome of arduous research, presents the basic elements of Hinduism and Islam in comparison and contrast. In view of the rise of Hindu fundamentalism in India in recent years, there is an urgent need for debate on the subject. Written by a research scholar in an authoritative, precise and lucid form, the book reveals, many startling facts about Hinduism, and unveils, in some measure, the beauty and strength inherent in Islam. In the modern world, a global village, a common religion for the global human community is yet to be recognised. Islam, which declares that all human beings have a common ancestry, stands out to be the only choice. An open dialogue between Hindus and Muslims may open the door of some new dimension in this regard. The book which complements the author’s earlier work, Hindu Chauvinism and Muslims in India, is intended to provoke such a dialogue.”

The author covers the basic elements of Hinduism, its sacred books, concept of God, nature of worship, life after death, social system and the status of women. 

After finishing this book, you can visit VedKaBhed.Com, an informative site exposing the dark side of Hinduism. 

May Allah protect the Muslims of India from the goons of Hindutva and strengthen and help them in their ordeal. Ameen

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