Indulging The Intellect In Knowing The Creator Will Make One Bask In Loving Him

Indulging The Intellect In Knowing The Creator Will Make One Bask In Loving Him

The more people indulge their intellect in knowing the Creator and witnessing His Greatness, Kindness and Superiority; the more they will overwhelmingly bask in their love for Him – leading them outside the boundaries of people’s norms.

There were people whose love for Allah overwhelmed and overpowered them; some of them could no longer stand being in the company of people, and some of them did not stop uttering His remembrance (dhikr).

Some of them did not sleep except in the case when sleepiness overcame them, and some wandered in the deserts; and yet there were some whose bodies become too weak and fragile.

Indeed, the love they bask in is intoxicating and it is a uniquely tasteful drink! The ecstasy they experience through the state of longing for their Lord is indescribable.

Abu ‘Ubaydah Al-Khawas used to be overwhelmed by his love for Allah and so he used to walk in the markets saying, ‘I do long for Whom I cannot see but He can see me.’

Fath Ibn Shukruf used to say, ‘My longing to meet You has become too long so hasten my death to meet You.’

Qays In Rab’i used to look as if he was drunk [due to his overwhelming love for Allah] without drinking any intoxicated drink.

Ibn ‘Aqil used to say, ‘Wearing the humble clothes of servitude to serve Allah is better than embellishing oneself for any other occasion.’

Have you ever seen better half-naked people than the people who are in the state of Ihram?

Have you ever seen those adorning themselves with feathery soft clothes as lofty and embellished clothes as the pious people?

Have you even seen more intoxicating than the yawning of those who pray at late nights?

Have you ever seen better intoxication than the state of those who are overwhelmed by their love for Allah?

Have you ever seen as pure water as the drops of tears falling from the eyes of the remorseful ones?

Have you ever seen humbled heads similar to the heads of those who stand in humility before their Lord?

Is there anything that touches the earth better than the foreheads of those who pray?

Has the breeze of night moved the leaves of the trees and was enough to move the garments of the people who pray at night?

Were the raised and stretched hands outnumbered by the hands of those who shun themselves away from their lord?

Have the hearts been moved by the melodious sounds or tones of strings as it provoked the longing of those who yearn for their Lord?

Showing humility and humbleness to attain the loftiest of all goals is praised; therefore it is commendable to serve the bountiful Conferrer while wearing the clothes of servitude.

[Captured Thoughts by Ibn Al-Jawzi, p. 893-895]

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