The Key To Attaining Taqwa

The Key To Attaining Taqwa

Ibn Juzayy al-Kalbi states that the key to attaining taqwa revolves around ten matters. If a person takes these matters seriously the result should be a true taqwa in his heart:

(1) Fear of punishment in the Hereafter;

(2) Fear of punishment in this world;

(3) Hope for reward in this world;

(4) Hope for reward in the Hereafter;

(5) Fearing the reckoning and accounting of one’s deeds;

(6) Feeling shameful that Allah should see oneself performing deeds

that are displeasing to Him;

(7) Being thankful and feeling grateful for all of the bounties that Allah

has bestowed on the person;

(8) The true knowledge of reality, of Allah, His names and attributes, as Allah says: “Those who truly fear Allah among His servants are only the people of knowledge” (Qur’an 35:28)

(9) Having a great deal of respect for the greatness of Allah;

(10) Being sincere and truthful in one’s love for Allah.

[Ibn Juzayy al-Qalbi, vol. 1, p. 36 as quoted in Shaykh Jamaaluddeen Zarabozo, Commentary on the Forty Hadeeth of Imam An-Nawawi, vol. 1, p. 584]

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