The Lost Art Of Family Meals

The Lost Art of Family Meals

I was reading an article by a virtuous sister on the current materialistic lifestyle that women are subjected to. Women return home exhausted, to face a dysfunctional family and eat a fast food meal “devoid of any memories or feelings” as the author puts it.

The memories and feelings associated with meal preparation may become a distant memory that the new generations are unfamiliar with; some may have never experienced them in the first place!

It may not even occur to many that the family meal should be a delight, not only in terms of taste, but also in terms of the joint preparation atmosphere, the comradery among family members, and the altruism in sharing of the best parts or last bites. This includes the husband and wife feeding each other in front of the children, the parents feeding their children, everyone talking together in an atmosphere of laughter and fun, thanking the mother and whoever took part in preparing the meal with statements like: “May Allah bless you for this delicious food,” and watching the joy on their faces upon hearing these words. The mother might also direct the children to thank their father for providing the meal. Such loving actions leave a pleasant impact on the hearts of the family members, both in the present and in their memories for years to come.

All of this has now been supplanted by a few delivery burgers or rice with chicken in a plastic box that each family member eats separately in silence, absent-mindedness, and coldness; perhaps while scrolling through their phones with their free hands. After a grueling day in the relentless mill of materialism had left the parents too drained of energy to do much else.

Create such beautiful memories for your children, as their profound impact will, Allah willing, help protect them from the wicked waves of corruption coming from all directions.

By Dr. Eyad Qunaibi

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