Do Not Become Distracted From Your Children 

Do Not Become Distracted From Your Children 

Children are growing up physically but they are weakening religiously.

They are being fed well but they are hungry for love, care, and harmony!!

And time now is no longer the same as before.

The day you lose sight of your child, their mind will be attacked by a thousand wrong ideas, their eyes will be attacked by a million bad videos, and their time will be invaded by a million evil matters that distract them from good.

Then how about those who leave their children for months and ages without advice or a parenting and counseling session?!!

Fathers, your children are not in need of new clothes, a big allowance, or abundant inheritance if you do not instill in them the love of Allāh and that He is watching them, and if you don’t discover the aspects of good in them and give those aspects good care and nurture them, and know the evil aspects in them and remove them and purify your children from them.

O parents,

Do not justify that by the lack of time, and thus be dishonest with yourselves, for the companions of the Prophet ﷺ used to conquer the world and then return to their children, purify their hearts, bring them up well, and pass to them their religion and morals.

And do not justify that for yourselves, for men have effects on their children and women have their touches on them, and they are both indispensable for the child.

And do not justify that by seeking to make a living for them, for the worst provision is that which gives the Ummah well-fed bodies, but sleazy and weak morals!!

Time is now difficult, and our children, by Allāh, are poor and they need care many times more than the care we used to be given when we were their age, and that’s due to the contrast between the fitan and temptations in their time and in ours!!

Get back to your household, and become satiated with hugs and by closeness to your children.

Play with them, tell them stories that cultivate virtues in them, and listen to them a lot.

Leave your phones for their sake, and devote enough time for these innocent ones.

Put the whole worldly life aside for the sake of your own flesh and blood, for the sincere duāʾ of a righteous son or daughter for you, after your death, saying: “O Lord, forgive me and my parents”, is better for you than all the trifles that distracted you from them.

By @MorabyAlqrnDalailcentre

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