Relation Between Religion And The Issue of Morality

Relation Between Religion And The Issue of Morality

What is the relation between religion and the issue of morality? 

Religion is the only thing that gives a rationalization for manners, the only thing that gives morals their distinctive character.  Morals can only be perceived within the framework of Divine accountability, and religion is the only vivacious entity in the whole existence since it is the only guidance we have to the purpose of existence.  Through religion we know why we are here, what follows death, what existence means and what is needed from us.  Without religion the universe will regress to total blindness and nihilism. 

Ibnul-Qayem, may Allah have mercy on him, says: “There is no pathway to happiness or wellbeing in this life or the afterlife except that which is pointed to us by the prophets.  There is no way to distinguish the good from the bad in details except through them.  The satisfaction of the Creator can never be attained except at their hands; their guidance and way of living is our only herald to good morals, deeds and words.[1]“  

“This whole world is pitch black and damned except for where the sun of the revelation shone”; as Ibn-Taymiyah[2] says.  

Without the Divine revelation we would not know the purpose of existence, the meaning of goodness or its value.  Without the Divine revelation the whole world would be reduced to nothing but a scary frivolity.  Without revelation we would have just been “star-stuff’ as Carl Sagan[3] says, or “an insect” as Sartre says.  

Prophethood is the only pulse of existence and without it the best inventions and the most ecstatic desires would have been real terror.  Without religion the whole world is a big waste.

If you ask any atheist this existential question: Why are we here in this life?  What will happen to us after we die?  He will either resort to sophistry or he will stay silent.  

Hence, religion is a natural requirement when it comes to perceiving moral values or realizing the meaning of existence or answering the existential questions of: Who created this whole existence? Who created man? What is the purpose from our existence and the wisdom from actions or beings? 

[Renounce your Atheism by Dr Haitham Talaat, p.15-16]


[1] Zadul-Maad 1-68.  

[2] Majmu’ Al-Fatawi 19-93/94.  

[3] (The Shores of the Cosmic Ocean – Ep 1). “Some part of our being knows this is where we came from. We long to return, and we can, because the cosmos is also within us. We’re made of star stuff. We are a way for the cosmos to know itself.” – Minute 06:04. As for Sartre’s saying, it came in his novel “Nausea”.  

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